JP and The vibe

Led by front-man and virtuosic hall of fame guitar player, Justin Pietrowski, JP and The Vibe was named following the transition from the original name JP3 in late 2017. This full-throttle rock group spans various influences across the rock, blues-rock, and British rock tiers, even with tasteful hints of country and R&B. Backed by two scholar musicians on drums and bass, Kevin Thomas and Patrick Jenkins deliver a thick and powerful groove for this raw and dominant musical vibe. The result of this massive rhythmic force is a captivating experience that captures, engages, and offers an insatiable lust for their unique musical vibes.

JP and The Vibe travels extensively throughout the mid-atlantic region from New York to North Carolina, over thousands of miles every year. From small acoustic evenings to large festivals and clubs, JP and The Vibe entertains with their magnetic presence and a power that rivals a nuclear reactor.

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